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Classy and Elegant Short Hairstyles for Women Over 50.

Every day we are ageing and changing our styles in clothes and hairstyles, which is quite reasonable because no woman would like to look the same always. For older women, there are classy hairstyles for women over 50 that will keep you flattering.

It is the natural thing for women to keep changing their looks and experimenting with different styles. However, the goal of this is to achieve more comfort, and nothing provides that other than short hair which looks classy and only requires minimal maintenance and not perceived as “old women’s helmet hairdos” Below we have compiled some of the best short hairstyles for women over 50 for you to try this year.



  • Blonde Pixie Cut


For the past few years, blonde pixie cut has been a typical haircut for many older women because of its ease to mix and the cheerfulness it brings.

This haircut can be made more elegant by incorporating choppy layers to add dimension and texture to this stylish cut. The touch keeps you youthful and staid free.


  • Voluminous Grey Pixie Cut


In your advanced years try the elegance of the silvery strands. It is most admired beautiful hue by the millennials. To make it even more dramatical, make sure you throw on some cute feathered layers on your cut.


  • Angled Ash Blonde Cut


It is normal for the women over fifty to experience some abnormal softness as they grow older. An angled cut makes the curved edges sharper and bring out the narrowness of a pointing chin in an extraordinarily smart way.


  • Pixie Undercut


Who said pixie undercut is only for chics? This pixie undercut for women over fifty is a good example of how the style can be beautiful with older women. Luscious surfs make the edgy cut soft, giving way a sassy aesthetic appeal of the hairstyle.


  • Angled Undercut Hairstyle


This haircut isn’t necessarily a masculine undercut, and any woman can rock with it as well. To get that feminine look, you can include an elongated, straight top, and a blonde colour with sufficient highlights. To systematically increase the volume, let your stylist add long layers.


  • Layered Pixie with Textured Booms


It is entirely possible for the senior women to rock punk inspired hairdos. These kinds of hairstyles for women over 50 are ideal for the women with straight hair. For more inspiration look, you can top them up with your fun colours.


  • Wispy Silver Bob


Though bob has been a standard haircut for women, there are limitless ways in which you can tailor it to look unique. Incorporate a little bit of drama in it by trimming it at an angle. To achieve the required volume, choose tousled, and loose waves. Emphasise the beauty of your grey locks by adding balayage to bring out the depth of the haircut.


  • Choppy Grey Pixie


Short hairstyles for women over 50 should work to regenerate the youthfulness in you. For instance, this haircut embraces a slightly defined taper, side bangs, and mixed layers around the peak.


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