The right Streaming Options for You

Streaming allows you to listen to music, sound or video, without downloading it. You do not download the file to your hard drive, listen to it, or watch while you are connected to the Internet. In a certain way streamer consists of sending you the sound or the video by packet, ie the first seconds are sent to you and the time you look at the first packet you send the second, etc.

  • This is the way that web radio works or web tv, or what is called video on demand that can be found on the internet or in the interface of his box. His last year’s techniques have evolved as technologies (fiber, 4g, etc.).if you Watch Demand Africa then you will have to have the best deals here.
  • If yesterday we could watch streamer videos in small size it is not the case today, but we must admit that there are still some limits that they will also evolve.
  • In principle we can stream a video like that, the simplest, and convert it into a streamable format like flash for example, we convert to flv format, we will use the codec h264 for the video, not to mention to give a resolution not too big to ensure a good flow of data. Heaps of software to convert videos is the case of software as factory format that is free or freemake video converter.
  • Then you have to store it somewhere in your host if you have one, a specialized service, or youtube but that poses some inconvenient that we know. You will have more than use it on your website.

Streaming is well on the way to becoming the most popular way to consume music and movies. The desired content can be heard or viewed without having to download the file to your own computer. In addition, the files do not need to be stored permanently or made available to other users as with file sharing.

Legal and illegal streaming

At regular intervals, it’s mainly illegal streaming that makes legal streaming disappear from view. In contrast to illegal streaming, legal streaming does not result in copyright infringement. Streaming becomes problematic when unauthorized copies of copyrighted works are transmitted. Infringements of copyright will result in fines, damages and imprisonment.

Here is a trend interesting: Once you pay for a streaming subscription, you have less reason to use illegal offers. Thus, more popular legal offers and a decline in illegal streaming are closely related.

Just listen to music online

In the music business, streaming songs – that is, playing them directly on the Internet – is a highly competitive field in which music platform operators try to outdo each other. Often, attempts are made to circumvent the monthly fees of a music streaming service by simply listening to the music through playlists on video platforms like Youtube. Besides the lack of an offline function, there is the problem that in the end no money arrives at the artists. Consequently, one should take a heart and use a paid service without legal gray area, or best equal to buy the music directly from the artist.

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